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Welcome to the Headbangers Ball Unofficial Tribute Site, the premier source for everything about the ball. We have the most comprehensive episode database and list of merchandise on the web. Check the trade page for headbangers ball and various other rock and metal TV shows. Browse the site for any and all information about the ball, and remember to "Keep One Foot In The Gutter, One Fist In The Gold"

Note To All Headbangers I'm Looking For These Show Dates Can Anyone Help

00-00-87 - Hosted by Kevin Seal With Manowar

7-11 or 18-87 - Hosted by Kevin Seal With Faster Pussycat & Brian Vollmer of Helix

4-00-88 - Hosted by Faster Pussycat

11-00-88 - Hosted by Adam Curry With Femme Fatel

11-00-88 - Adam Curry Host With Helloween

11-00-88 - Adam Curry Host With Winger

6-24-89 or 7-01-89 - Hosted by Adam Curry With Tora Tora & Sea Hags



BIG ASS UPDATE: Data Base & Trade Page Updates & Maybe More

HBB 12-11-93 With Lars Ulrich

HBB 10-17-92 w/ AC/DC

HBB 10-13-90 (Incomplete)

HBB 9-21-91 w/ The Four Horesmen

HBB 6-22-91 w/ Armored Saint & Suicidal Tendencies

HBB 2-05-94 NHL All-Star Game

HBB 10-08-94 w/ Gilby Clark

HBB Europe 3-29-92 Gods Of Grind

HBB 12-00-95 Skid Row Present Top 10 Rock Videos Of All Time

HBB Europe 00-00-92 Kiss Special

HBB Europe 00-00-93 A Real Live One With Iron Maiden

HBB Europe 00-00-95 Machine Head Tour Diaries 

HBB Europe 3-05-95 w/ Clawfinger, Dog Eat Dog, Benediction & Slayer

HBB Europe 00-00-94 Via Rock Festival Belgium

MTV Unplugged Jimmy Page & Robert Plant

MTV Unplugged Nirvana

MTV Pink Floyd Special

MTV U.K. 3-27-94 ZZ Top Weekend

Guns N' Roses 1-20-91 Rock In Rio Concert (Pro-Shot)

Queensryche 1-23-91 Rock In Rio Concert (Pro-Shot)

L.A. Guns TV Compilation (Power 30, MuchMusic, Aresnio Hall + More)

Trade & Database Update - HBB 11-27-93


Trade & Database Update


Trade & Database Update - HBB 12-23-89, HBB Europe


Database Update

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