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Headbangers ball was born on April 18, 1987 capitalizing on the raise in tv ratings and interest brought in by Heavy Metal Mania. A monthly block of metal videos and guests. Hosted by the outspoken front man Dee Snider from the band Twisted Sister. Heavy metal mania started it's run in June 1985 as a one hour block. Over it's nearly two year run many great guests appeared from don dokken, Bruce Dickenson, Paul Stanley, Jon Bon Jovi and many more. Thanks to mania's unexpected success mtv decided to re-tool the format of the show. Taking it from a monthly 1 hour show to a weekly 2 hour show and changing the name to Headbangers Ball. A name invented by DJ John Brent who would use the name for his rock and metal road shows in the UK. When the show made it's debut in the spring of '87 it did so without one previous key player. The host of mania Dee Snider, according to snider he was doing mania for free and thought going forward that he should be paid for his services. Mtv thought different, instead they decided to use their in house VJ's. Rotating between mtv VJ's like smash, downtown julie brown, kevin seal and guest hosts like rob halford, Wendy O. Williams, among others. Until settling for Adam Curry starting in 1988 until being replaced by cathouse owner Riki Rachtman at the beginning of 1990. Along with a new host came other changes, now that the ball was fast becoming one of mtv's flagship shows fans were treated to a 3rd hour starting January 1990. Along with an extra weekday show called Hard 60. Also in 1990 the show would be ported over to the UK replacing metal hammer tv with the bailey brothers.

Through the early '90's the ball was host to so many memorable moments, but in 1992 even the ball slowly turned to a show with a grunge tinge. Shown with a new set and intro for the opening. To top off the transformation on an episode host Riki Rachtman cut his hair short, showing that times were changing. The show lasted till January of 1995 and was replaced by a show called SuperRock hosted by Julia Valet which did not last. The UK version fared a little better lasting until 1997, but was reduced to an hour and a half instead of three.

The show returned in may of 2003 on MTV2, hosted by Hatebreed's Jamey Jasta. Even though the show had returned for many it just wasn't the same as told in  Vh1's 40 Least Metal Moments, being described as too scripted and lacked character. The show would last in its original form until 2007, when it became a block of videos with no more in-studio segments and interviews and of 2011 the host is Jose Mangin and the show is a net only program on MTV2's website. In 2001 MTV2 had a special called Headbangers Ball: Uncensored. A behind the scenes look and over all look back at the ball. MTV2 has also released three comp. cds and various memorabilia from all incarnations of the show.

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From 1987 until Jan. or Feb. of 1988 the show was 2 hours from 12 am to 2 am

From Jan/Feb. 1988 it became a 3 hour show

In summer 1990 to October 1990 the show was on from 11 pm to 2 am

From October 1990 to June 1991 it was returned to 12 am to 3 am

In June 1991 it moved back to 11 pm for the rest of the shows run

In '94 an hour was cut and the show went from 3 hrs. to 2 hrs. from 11 pm to 1 am




1992 - 1995


Headbangers Ball UK Intro

MTV VJ Asher Benrubi AKA Smash (1987)

"Downtown" Julie Brown (1987 - 1989)

Kevin Seal (1987-1988)
Adam Curry (1988-1989)
Riki Rachtman (1990-1995)

Dominick Deluca - Field Reporter (1992-1995)

Kristiane Backer (1989-1990 UK Version
Vanessa Warwick (1990-1997) UK Version
Alfredo Lewin Host Of MTV Headbangers Latino (199? - 1997)
Jamey Jasta (2003-2008)
Jose Mangin (2010- 2012)
Toth Gergo - Host Of Headbangers Ball - Hungary
Vanessa Christodoulou & Orpheus Spiliotopoulos Co-Hosts Of Headbangers Ball - Greece




2003 - (MTV2)
U.K. Color Variants
MTV Headbangers (Latin)
Special/Other Show Logos

Christmas Special 1988

Halloween Special 1989
Halloween Edition 1993
On The Road

Metal Blox Edition

Holiday Metal Blox 1992

Aerosmith Tribute Show
End Your Dirty Black Summer With Danzig
Headbangers Ball Presents Megadeth On Tour 1992 Special Guest Suicidal Tendencies Show
No More Tours For Ozzy Show
Headbangers Ball Bar-B-Q
Headbangers BALL-B-QUE
Headbangers Inaugural Ball
Headbangers Ball On The Road: Lollapalooza 1993
Headbangers Ball With Queensryche 1994
The Metal Detector News (1988 - 1990)
Dominick "Man On The Street" (1992 - 1995)
Top 5 Skull Krushers
Ball Buster Countdown
Frantic Fringe
Crank Or Yank
Triple Thrash Threat
Triple Thrash Treat (U.K. Version)

Concrete Marketing: Top Ten Album Countdown

Countdown To The Ball (1992 - 1993)

Enter The Pit

Show Credits From 1991
Producer - Nancy McDonald
Directed By - John Vogt
Associate Director - Will Dent
Opening Sequence Producer - Peter Lauer
Production Associates - Tony Disanto, Joe Demaio, & Marisa Tecson
Music Programming - Rick Barr
Talent Coordinator - Joni Abbott
Talent Relations Coordinator - Bruce Gilmer
Production Manager - Andy Lipson
Production Coordinator - Jackie Barba
Production Clerk - Dan Cortese
Production Intern - Eva Neu
Lighting Design By - Bradon Lutz
Set Design - Daniel Ouelette
Set Director - Preston Adams Sharp
Art Director - Chris Harvey
Technical Director - Ned Mathers
Cameras - Kent Clawley & Craig Hampton
Video Engineering - Todd Thayer
Video Tape - Thomas Rabener
Audio - Evan Adelman
Electronic Graphics - Mark Festen
Teleprompter - Dave Bantle
Gaffer - Dino Hartofilis
Make Up Hair - Celeste Contois
Director On Air Services - Rachel Gruhin
Director Studio Production - Helene Gross
MTV Viewer Services Coordinator - Nancy Clayton
Headbangers Ball Theme Music - Prong "Epic Recording Artists"
Production Staff - Gary Stella
West Coast Supervising Producer - Paul Cockerill
Supervising Producer - Carol Donovan
An Music Television Production 1991 MTV Networks
Country's That Aired Headbangers Ball
MTV, MTV2, MTV Australia, MTV Rocks, MTV Adria, MTV Portugal, MTV Finland, MTV Arabia, MTV Norway, MTV Sweden, MTV Denmark, MTV Greece, MTV Turkiye, MTV Hungary, MTV Japan
Headbangers Ball Studio Sets


2003 - 2007
Show Fonts

1988 - 1990

1991 - 1992




Riki Rachtman On The Ball Over The Years
Riki's Glam Look 1989-1990
Riki With Long Hair 1991 - Mid 1992
Riki With Long Hair And Goatee Late '91 - Spring '92
Riki With Short Hair Summer of 1992-1995
Riki With Short Hair And Goatee Early-Mid 1993
Riki With Very Short Hair And Goatee Sometime In '93
Riki With Redish / Brown Highlights '93-'94
Riki With Blueish / Purpleish Highlights Some Around '93-'94
Riki With Dyed Blonde Mid-Late 1994

Riki With Blonde Highlights Late 1994

Extra Trivia & Facts

Stryper - Two Time Woman Music Video (Oz Fox Is Wearing A Headbangers Ball T-Shirt)